More About the Reliable Trimming Service Expert Near You


Southern Oregon Yard & Gardencare LLC was founded over the belief that everybody should be able to have a great-looking yard no matter what. I started by establishing my company and providing affordable tree trimming services for the people in Medford, OR. The popularity of my business keeps growing and this page will touch upon why. Stay here to learn more!

More About the Specialist 

I spent over a decade in the tree care and trimming service industry. I realized I hold a great passion for this type of work and kept adding different skills to my expertise. When I felt confident enough to start my own business, I created Southern Oregon Yard & Gardencare LLC – the local certified, insured, and bonded yard maintenance specialist. Through being extremely devoted to what I do, I keep adding new customers to my clientele. You can become one of them too and get my new customer discount.

Here to Exceed Your Expectations

When you need affordable tree trimming, time-efficient gutter cleaning, or whole-yard maintenance in Medford, OR, be sure to trust an experienced professional who knows the industry well. That’s what I try to be for my clients and judging by their positive feedback, I am successful in it. If you want quality that doesn’t come at an outrageous rate, contact me right away!

If you want to schedule my trimming service or ask me a question, call (541) 249-9782 today!

Services List

  • Tree Trimming
  • Yard Care
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn Mowing