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Are there too many overgrown branches hanging around your yard that need to be removed? Perhaps you are looking for a quality shrub trimming service in Medford, OR instead? Well, you found just that. As a local landscaping specialist, I will tell you exactly why you should trust me with your yard down below!

Trimming Service

More About My Services

When you call Southern Oregon Yard & Gardencare LLC, you will be able to take advantage of a wide variety of yard maintenance services. Some of them include mulching, trimming, gutter cleaning, general landscape maintenance, and fire protection. You can find more about them on my Services page.

Calling an Expert Is Worth It

What’s the common theme in having a great-looking outdoor space and not spending a fortune? Working with a skilled professional that can provide budget-friendly landscaping trimming service to you. You can spare yourself so much trouble and inconvenience when you turn to a certified and qualified pro. A skilled landscaper will also save you time and what’s better than more time to spend with your friends and family?

There When You Need Help

Whether you need an affordable tree trimming service or routine yard maintenance for your property in Medford, OR, you can trust me with it as I have over a decade spent in the industry. You can rely on my quality-focused approach that is present when handling any type of job on my service list. I will follow strictly your preferences so that your yard ends up exceeding your greatest expectations.

Details About My Fire Protection Options


I can design your landscape to have different firebreaks that will slow or stop the spread of a blaze in case your vegetation catches fire. I can strategically install pathways or artificial water features that will give you enough time to react and save your garden and property from severe damage. I can give you peace of mind.

Fire Prevention

Apart from creating firebreaks, I also specialize in fire prevention, meaning that I can implement tactics that will minimize the possibility of a fire. I can remove dry grass, branches, bushes, and other elements that are prone to catch fire when exposes to high levels of heat. I conduct my duties with precision and attention because I understand the importance of my work.

Fire Protection

Have me install tools that will help you react adequately in the case of a fire. I can mount sprinklers that will instantly water your landscape to extinguish blazes and prevent them from reaching your house or commercial building. I can also set up an alert system that will notify you and your neighbors when a fire occurs.

If you are interested in exploring the tree and shrub trimming services I offer, call Southern Oregon Yard & Gardencare LLC today and get your free estimate!

Client’s Testimonial

Great service

Thank you for providing me with such good shrub trimming services last week! My shrubs were so ugly and overgrown because I left them unattended for too long but you worked some kind of miracle and shaped them so quickly. They make my yard look so orderly now!

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